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Sunrise - the interview

So we were interviewed by Grace Lee on Sunrise on Memorial Day morning – you can see the interview here. It was fascinating to see what a lean operation that show is – it looked like the entire program was being run by 5 people.  Grace had what looked like a brace wrapped around her calf, “Oh my God, what happened?” I asked.  She laughed, “That’s where I strap my mic transmitter!”  While we were waiting her little dog came over, rolled on its back at our feet and asked to have its stomach scratched, then lifted a leg to say ‘go for the armpit too please’ - a total slut that one, as we pointed out to Grace, who unhesitatingly agreed.

So all very relaxed and chummy - and breakfast TV has a reputation for being the less serious end of network journalism right?  But as soon as the interview started, Grace went right for the jugular: “Rail improves the environment?”

Wow, way to put a guy on the spot, huh?


Of course we don’t think building the rail line improves the environment – it’s ugly no matter how well you dress it up.  But it should help prevent the environment from deteriorating as fast as it will otherwise: less suburban sprawl on vital farmland, fewer new roads and road expansion projectss, fewer cars spewing CO2 into the atmosphere…  I guess you have to see the film to see a full consideration of all the arguments for and against.

The next broadcast is on KHNL on Wednesday June 4th at 7:00pm


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