Future Of Paradise: The Trilogy



O‘ahu is embroiled in a fight, the outcome of which will determine what the island will look like 50 years from now.   Skyscraper jungle, suburban sprawl, working agricultural communities?

It is a fight that pits huge monied interests against groups of residents with diametrically opposed views about what makes the island special and what it should become.

The Future of Paradise trilogy of documentaries chronicles three of the battles in that conflict.

The first 60-minute installment, Railroading Paradise, which starts a commercial-free broadcast run on KGMB and KHNL on May 26th, looks at the rationale for a billion commuter rail line and the controversial decision by the biggest environmental organization in the state to support it.

Forever Country, now in production, chronicles the efforts to develop Turtle Bay, Kahuku and La‘ie - Oahu's breadbasket in the beautiful corner of the island where the North Shore meets the windward coast.

The Third City, which starts filming this summer, will look at plans for more than 30 condo towers in Kaka‘ako in the heart of Honolulu that will forever change the face of the city.

What do our political and business leaders and their experts have planned for us?  What motivates their opponents and how do they organize their resistance?

Come with us as we go behind the closed doors of the city's power brokers in this election year and discover where political influence is coming from and whose interests it serves.

In these three films we put them all on the spot.  We ask the hard questions, dig behind the headlines, examine the rationales, the pressures and demands for housing and growth as well as covering the pushback from those who want to preserve some of Oahu’s traditional laid-back character.

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